KLIM Arctic Balaclava

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Specifically designed for the coldest riding conditions on Earth, the Arctic Balaclava features a massive feature list fit for the most extreme climates. From the base, the Arctic Balaclava brings a massive, ultra-wide skirt to ensure it stays put. Add in; full WINDSTOPPER ®-frontal attack with KLIM's variable fleece backer thicknesses around eyes (to enhance fit and reduce restriction), full neoprene nose piece/breath deflector, lycra stretch back, conformed neck fit, and super stretchy fleece over the head. All-in-all, this is one Balaclava that can take it all. SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE COLDEST CONDITIONS/HARSHEST ELEMENTS ULTRA-WIDE SKIRT PROVIDES MAX WIND PROTECTION AND STAYS TUCKED IN HEAVY FLEECE WINDSTOPER ® MAIN BODY CONSTRUCTION COMPACT FLEECE WINDSTOPER ® EYE PORT CONSTRUCTION NEOPRENE NOSE PIECE/BREATH DEFLECTOR SUPER STRETCH HEAD FLEECE-LYCRA STRETCH BACK TO FIT DIFFERENT HEAD SHAPES/SIZES GATHERED STRETCH SIDE-OF-NECK KEEPS IT SECURE


(No reviews yet) Write a Review